Contemporary Korean Design, NYC

White bowl with gold design
(Image credit: Zong-Sun Bahk)

The first collaborative outing from New York's R 20th Century Gallery and the Gallery Seomi in Seoul, 'Contemporary Korean Design' opened earlier this week in the former.

Bringing to light work from a host of Korean artists, the exhibition features a range of one-off pieces, some never-before-seen in the West.

Showcasing work from a generation which has taught itself to coalesce traditional Korean practices with more contemporary concepts - the exhibition includes a range of ceramics, alongside carved furniture in wood, stone and metal.

Lesser-known names, including Jin Jang and Zong-Sun Bahk feature alongside more established artists such as renowned Korean designer, Byung-Hoon Choi.

Choi's series of angular chairs, produced in carbon fibre and black granite, stand in contrast to Hun-Chung Lee's handmade ceramic pieces - which come coated in a chaotic patina of coloured glazes.

The contemporary take on traditional practice found across the collection, not only bears witness to Korea’s rich history of object making - it is also the first to feature both Eastern artists and Western-educated creatives who have returned to their home country to practice.

TBlue Scarlet Spot

Ceramic 'TBlue Scarlet Spot' stool. Made by, Korea, 2010

(Image credit: Hun-Chung Lee)

Lounge chair in carbon fiber

Afterimage 08-263' lounge chair in carbon fiber and black granite. Made by, Korea, 2008

(Image credit: Byung-Hoon Choi)

Dot & Crag stool

Ceramic 'Dot & Crag' stool. Made by, Korea, 2010

(Image credit: Hun-Chung Lee)

Moon Jar

Moon Jar' in white porcelain. Made by, Korea, 2009

(Image credit: Dae-Sup Kwon)

TBlue Rain tall stool

Ceramic 'TBlue Rain' tall stool. Made by, Korea, 2010

(Image credit: Hun-Chung Lee)

TBlue-H stool

Ceramic 'TBlue-H' stool. Made by, Korea, 2010

(Image credit: Hun-Chung Lee)

Green Bowl-Gold

Ceramic 'Green Bowl-Gold, Hole'. Made by, Korea, 2009

(Image credit: Jin Jang)

Blue Bowl-Silver

Ceramic 'Blue Bowl-Silver'. Made by, 2009

(Image credit: Jin Jang)


R 20th Century Gallery
82 Franklin Street
New York
NY 10013