Ingenious Japanese home appliances to enhance domestic life

From cooking to cleaning, Japanese brand +-0 has you covered with a range of cleverly designed home appliances

Japanese home appliances by Plusminuszero
(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

+-0 (often referred to as Plusminuszero) is Japan’s go-to brand for minimalist home appliances. Established in 2003 and made famous worldwide by the many products designed by founder and former art director Naoto Fukasawa, who started the brand in a quest for minimalist home appliances that felt ‘just right,' the brand offers every domestic function, from cleaning to heating, in minimalist form.

Although many of the original Fukasawa designs are no longer available on the current catalogue, the brand keeps on innovating with household goods that blur the boundaries between domestic and tech.

Discover our pick of +-0 home appliances below.

Minimalist home appliances from +-0

Hanging clothes dryer

japanese home appliances

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

japanese home appliances

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

Pop it open, hang it and you're done: this hanging clothes dryer is a home assistant as useful as they come. Compact and practical, it is imagined to dry light clothing inside and can hang in a bathroom or closet taking up minimal space while doing its work. The A4 sized appliance opens to reveal a case (that can be adjusted to 3 different sizes) where clothes can hang out of sight while it does its job. 

Pop-up one-slice toaster

one slice toaster

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

The one-slice toaster from 2007 is one of Fukasawa's original designs. 'Possibly the smallest pop-up toaster in the world', its design is sleek and it features a smooth white surface, the toaster conceived as an essential tool where the functional controls are intuitive and discreet.


Clothes steamer

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This clothes care essential comes in a palette that ranges from red and pink to yellow and blue with a freestanding design and an ergonomic handle. Heating up in less than 30 seconds, it is programmed to steam as well as neutralise odours and allergens from fabrics.

2-cup Coffee Maker

2 cup coffee maker

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

This compact coffee maker comes in black, beige and red, it is easy to use and comes equipped with a permanent filter (although it also supports traditional paper filters).

Aileron fan

light blue minimalist fan

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

Standing on a minimal round base, the fan's unobtrusive design conceals a clever approach with the use of ailerons attached to the blades to blow the air further, and a guard shaped to reduce noise. The fan is conceived to reduce electricity consumption and the head can be adjusted from 90 degrees upwards to 12 degrees downward.

Cordless cleaner

Vacuum cleaner by plusminuszero

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

Ceramic fan heater

ceramic fan heater

(Image credit: Courtesy +-0)

Also part of Fukasawa's original offering, the Ceramic Fan Heater (also available in a mini version) is a fitting example of Fukasawa's clever take on everyday objects. Compact and lightweight, the ceramic heater features smooth edges and a design that looks equally sleek and unassuming.

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