Discover Paardenmarkt 68, Belgium’s newest must-visit design spot

Paardenmarkt 68 unites design brands including Revised, Wool & Wire and Gemla in one retail destination

rugs and chairs at Paardenmarkt 68, Belgium
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Design and craftsmanship unite at Paardenmarkt 68 in Antwerp, a rococo mansion-turned-multi-brand retail destination that brings together Revised furniture, Wool & Wire, Gemla, Rex Kralj and Tato Italia in an eclectic curation spanning the whole of Europe.

Wool & Wire’s sustainable carpets created from natural raw materials, fully crafted in Belgium, make a warm foil for the pieces from Gemla, Sweden's oldest furniture factory. Rex Kralj, which pays tribute to Slovenian architect Niko Kralj’s furniture designs with its sculpted aesthetic, adds a contemporary edge to the collection, as does Italian lighting brand Tato.

rug and chair at Paardenmarkt 68

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Revised at Paardenmarkt 68

The timeless aesthetic championed by Paardenmarkt 68 is reflected in the ethos of Revised founders, Suzy and Casper Vissers. ‘We all want to revise our lives at a certain moment in time, take a new challenge on board,’ they say. ‘Keep the good things in life and add another layer of inspiration. The word “Revised” is a different story for each of us. What we share is the human ability to review, reconsider, reflect and refresh. That is exactly what makes us feel wonderful and take charge of life.’

lamp on low table with rug

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It is a philosophy encapsulated in Revised’s artisan products, created in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. ‘We deal directly from the factory to you. Revised products are designed and made in such a sustainable way that they will last for generations. We have a repair service should furniture need repair and we ship as flat as possible to ensure CO2 emissions are as low as possible. Our collection includes seating, tables, storage items, lighting elements and accessories [in a style that] is modern, elegant and heart-warming, with gentle, organic shapes and details. Each piece is a celebration of pure, solid, high-quality materials such as wood, marble, metal and glass.’

sideboard, rug and lamp

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armchairs, table and rug

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tray with glassware beneath chair

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