Molteni&C presents its first outdoor furniture collection

Molteni&C translates its signature craftsmanship and style for outdoor living

Molteni&C outdoor furniture beside trees and water
‘Palinfrasca’ seating by Vincent Van Duysen, part of Molteni&C’s new outdoor collection
(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

In partnership with Molteni&C

For its inaugural outdoor collection, Molteni&C’s creative director Vincent Van Duysen presents furniture that is both visually expressive and highly functional, bringing the brand’s signature qualities of style and craftsmanship to exterior environments. Curating original designs by Foster + Partners and Ron Gilad, and rediscovering archive pieces from Gio Ponti and Luca Meda, Van Duysen delved into the rich tradition of Italian design for inspiration, the collection defined by a sense of savoir-faire and a respect for heritage.  

‘I pursued the idea of softness and wellbeing, of organic playfulness in an architectural vision of the furniture,’ explains Van Duysen. ‘I was inspired by modernism to recall the idea of permeability and transparency between indoor and outdoor spaces. That intimate connection with light and nature.’ 

Molteni&C Outdoor Collection

Molteni&C’s outdoor range encompasses several concepts that exist in a singular, organic vision. The Landmark Collection features a reissue of famed designer Luca Meda’s classic ‘Palinfrasca’ sofa. Vincent Van Duysen’s Timeout Collection comprises outdoor essentials that reference the smooth forms of modernist architecture, while the Heritage Collection features a revival of two of Gio Ponti’s most beloved armchairs. 

Woven seating and metal side table

‘Palinfrasca’ seating and ‘Regent’ side table by Vincent Van Duysen

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

Tying the collections together are new rugs by Van Duysen, Nicola Gallizia and Marta Ferri, defined by subtle patterns, rich fabrics and warm tones. 

And finally, there are two exceptional standalone pieces from Foster + Partners and Ron Gilad, while Marta Ferri also edited a sophisticated original outdoor textile collection.

Outdoor furniture in garden, by Molteni & C

‘D.150.5’ chaise by Gio Ponti and ‘Regent’ table by Vincent Van Duysen

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

The narrative is a conversation between materials. The Landmark Collection’s sumptuous use of solid teak complements the strong metal profiles of the Timeout Collection. 

Outdoor chair and table

‘D.154.2’ armchair by Gio Ponti and ‘Panna Cotta’ table by Ron Gilad

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

Meanwhile, the cement finish of Foster + Partners’ parabolic-shaped ‘Arc’ robustly contrasts the perforated iron top and lava-stone base of Ron Gilad’s ‘Panna Cotta’ table. Woven motifs wend their way throughout the range; the Timeout Collection’s interlaced polypropylene rope details and the ‘Palinfrasca’ sofa’s banded woven backrest, made of teak or EVA polyurethane, are inspired by traditional basket making.

An outdoor kitchen

Molteni & C outdoor kitchen

Helios outdoor kitchen

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

The collection is completed by an outdoor kitchen, also designed by Van Duysen. ‘Conviviality and sophistication are the keywords I wanted to attribute to this outdoor kitchen,’ says the creative director. ‘[It’s] furniture with a simple yet structured feel, where functionality and sophistication coexist to create modern design.’ The Helios outdoor kitchen combines Italian craftsmanship with innovative, outdoor technology and exterior-friendly finishes. Its clean, rigorous lines and discreetly monolithic impact allow it to be combined with both the materials and finishes of the Landmark and Timeout Collections. 

A vast array of textures – from a material that resembles natural stone to ceramic and steel – allow for extensive customisation, making it suitable for different styles and environments. Colours coordinate with the outdoor ranges’ strong palette of materials. Organic tones such as rust, desert yellow, earth brown, olive green, and anthracite mean pieces from disparate collections live easily together. 

Natural materials and timeless appeal

Wooden arm of chair

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

With Molteni&C maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustainability, the furniture in the collection is predominantly mono-material and sourced from certified supply chains. Parts are replaceable and upholstery is recyclable. The vitreous inserts of the Etna lava stone, used for the oven-baked enamelling of the surfaces, come from the crushing of recycled glass from TV and PC monitors. 

‘The technology is cutting-edge but hidden, the materials are natural and timeless,’ says Van Duysen. ‘Characteristics that are intrinsic to the brand identity: the careful craftsmanship of the production, the sophistication of the details, and the beauty of the individual objects that encapsulates the lessons of the great architects and designers it has interpreted. The new outdoor proposal shows a graphic presence and a sense of timelessness inherent in the Molteni&C brand DNA.’

Arc table and outdoor rug

‘Arc’ table by Foster + Partners, ‘Green Point’ chair, by Vincent Van Duysen, and ‘Palma’ rug by Nicola Gallizia

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

Molteni&C’s inaugural outdoor collection is now available to view at its immersive London showroom on Brompton Road. Visitors can experience the furniture pieces and see how technology and design, tradition and non-conformity, quality and good design work together to create the elements of truly sophisticated style. 

Molteni&C London flagship store, 245-249 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2EP
Tel: +44.20 7631 2345, email:

Outdoor seating in garden setting

‘Palinfrasca’ sofa and ‘Golden Gate’ table by Vincent Van Duysen. ‘Panna Cotta’ side table by Ron Gilad

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)

Sun loungers and basket outdoors

‘Guell’ loungers and ‘Boulonge’ baskets by Vincent Van Duysen

(Image credit: Courtesy Molteni&C)