Lime-green glassware by Completedworks appears to melt at the table

Completedworks’ ‘Thaw’ lime-green glassware collection rethinks classic forms

lime green glassware by Completedworks
(Image credit: Completedworks)

Glass shakes off its rigid reputation in the hands of Completedworks’ founder Anna Jewsbury, who reinvents the often symmetrical forms of glassware in a playful new collection, ‘Thaw’ – its seemingly melting designs rendered in bold lime-green.

‘Thaw’ lime-green glassware by Completedworks

lime green glassware jug by Completedworks

(Image credit: Completedworks)

‘It’s a colour that we’d been thinking about for a while but had been waiting for the right moment – finding the right form and material – and it just works so well for these glass pieces,’ says Jewsbury on why she was drawn to the distinctive fluorescent hue. 

‘I tend to be drawn to quite raw and muted palettes when it comes to interiors, which is why I quite like the opportunity to contrast with a hit of acidic colour through the tableware or decorative objects.’

lime green glassware

(Image credit: Completedworks)

A recycled glass jug, and wine glasses are inspired by the flow of drapery in a Renaissance painting in their offbeat forms. ‘It’s a really labour-intensive process,’ Jewsbury adds. ‘With the smaller shapes, you have seconds to shape them before the glass cools down. This makes it especially difficult to attach the stem on the “Thaw” wine glass, for example, and it's easy for things to go wrong but I think this is just what makes them extra special.’

The pieces stay faithful to Completedworks’ unique aesthetic, which celebrates a sculptural sensibility with the ripples and flows of hard, precious materials (on display in the new Completedworks London showroom). ‘I find myself always searching for a balance between opposing forces, trying to find the place where opposites meet. There’s something very satisfying about taking a traditional medium such as glassware and subverting it to a place of newness.’

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