Glassware sets for every occasion

Our edit of contemporary glassware sets, from everyday kitchen glassware to dinner party-appropriate wine and cocktail glasses, by the best designers and makers

Wallpaper* explores glassware sets for every occasion for this edit of drinking vessels, champagne glasses, pitchers, tumblers and coupes. From the best wine and cocktail glasses for dinner parties (and more), to minimalist, everyday kitchen glassware, we select the finest glassware in every format, created by the best designers and contemporary brands.


Minimalist dinner party glassware

Minimalist glasses in various heights and diameters designed by Fferrone and containing white and red wine and whisky

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Name: ‘Revolution’ collection
Brand: Felicia Ferrone, for Fferrone
Price:from $160

Originally designed by Felicia Ferrone in 2001, this glassware set marked the debut of the Amercian designer's brand. Each glass has two sides, one deeper and one more shallow, allowing for multiple functionalities within the collection. The idea for this dual-sided approach was the result of an evening dining with close friends, Ferrone recalls, as seen through her trained architect's lens. ‘The glassware reinvents the landscape of the table with its minimalist architectural forms: wine, water, cocktails and soup all appear to defy gravity with the floating effect of the hollow opposite side.’

Three tumblers and one bottle in thick crystal glass with striped engraving

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Name: ‘Scotch’ tumblers and carafe
Brand: Robert Stadler, for Lobmeyr
Price: from €238

The ‘Scotch’ whisky set is named after its intended purpose but also offers a play on words as it may refer to Scotch tape, which inspired the hand-engraved tape-like strips on each side of the tumblers.

Colourful glassware

A pitcher in glazed glass with pink graded colouring shown on the white table with plates and glass boxes with the same colour motif in yellow and orange

(Image credit: Jeroen Van De Gruiter)

Name: ‘Pigmento’ collection
Brand: Formafantasma for Nude Glass
Price: from €63

This collection of glassware by Formafantasma includes pitchers, cake domes, dishes in various sizes and glass boxes, defined by a coloured gradient in pink, yellow and gray on mouth-blown crystalline glass that displays a sandblasted matte look.

Several thin glasses of different sizes, colours include yellow, lilac, green, blue and pink

(Image credit: Thomas Albdorf)

Name: ‘31.3 Polygon Glassware’
Brand: Omer Arbel for OAO Works
Price: from $575

Bocci founder and creative director Omer Arbel created the OAO Works’ ‘31.3 Polygon Glassware’ in collaboration with a Czech glassmaker, who uses ancient colour formulas to make pieces and then supplies Arbel with his leftovers. These pieces are used to make glasses and prisms in shapes derived from a mathematical problem known as five-fold tiling.

Variations on a classic: cocktail glasses and champagne coupes

Drinking glasses by Tom Dixon, with rocks and lemons in the background. Included are clear glasses for water, champagne, wine and cocktails, they all feature a black glass base

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Name: ‘Puck’ collection
Brand: Tom Dixon
Price: from £65

Tom Dixon brings playfulness to the table with his contemporary cocktail glassware, which pairs a satisfyingly thick base, reminiscent of ice hockey pucks, with elegant geometric forms, such as cylinders, cones and spheres. The collection creates a stylish set of consummate companions for our cocktails.

Four champagne coupes in clear crystal with thick engraved bases

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Name: ‘Half Cut’ champagne coupes
Brand: Lee Broom
Price: £80 each

British designer Lee Broom references the thick shapes of decanter stoppers to create the base of his champagne glasses. Each of the four vessels is mounted on a distinctive, etched base, with the option of mixing and matching from the collection to create a glassware set.

Glassware by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition

(Image credit: &Tradition)

Name: ‘Collect' collection
Brand: Space Copenhagen for &Tradition
Price: on request

Designed by Space Copenhagen for Danish brand &Tradition, the 'Collect' range of glassware features timeless shapes made of mouth-blown glass. The design studio founders, Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, wanted to create a collection of home accessories 'that would inspire a welcoming environment': the glasses are part of a larger family that includes modern table linen, brass accessories and further glass objects such as carafes and bowls. 

Essential everyday kitchen glassware

Essential everyday kitchen glassware

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Name: ‘Glass / M’
Brand: Hay
Price: from £4

Simple and sturdy, this trio of minimalist drinking glasses by Hay is available in small, medium and large sizes. Compact and stackable, the essential design allows for the drinking glasses to double as a bowl for snacks.

Clear glass carafe without handle

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Name: ‘Piuma’ collection
Brand: Ichendorf Milano
Price: from £16

Designed by Marco Sironi, the ‘Piuma’ tableware features an entirely transparent design that perfectly showcases the quality of Ichendorf Milano’s Italian craftsmanship. As its name indicates (meaning ‘feather’ in Italian), ‘Piuma’ is a light and elegant collection. We particularly like the essential cylindrical design of the milk jug (pictured).

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