Citterio presents office micro-architectures at Orgatec 2022

Orgatec 2022: Citterio releases its new workplace solution – ‘CSS Village’ – in response to an ever-changing office landscape

CSS Village modular office design by Citterio, shown at Orgatec 2022
Citterio presented ‘CSS Village’, its modular office system of self-supporting structures, at Orgatec 2022
(Image credit: Delfino Sisto Legnani)

Orgatec 2022 trade fair, the recent, October edition of the biannual Cologne event, brought together the world’s purveyors of newly released office furniture. Among the exhibitors, Italian furniture company Citterio proposed a new office dynamic, led by micro-architectures – its ‘CSS Village’ modular office system of self-supporting structures.

Focusing on ergonomics, acoustics and flexibility, Citterio – one arm of the Molteni Group – has designed its new office design solution based conceptually around the structure of a village. An open communal area acts as a central hub: ‘Visitors are encouraged to stop here, look around, find out more or work,’ explains creative director Marco Maturo. Pergolas dot the surrounding space, and between them, panels of glass and fabric form meeting rooms, small focused spaces and larger training areas. The connecting pergolas encourage a diverse range of settings in previously bare spaces – whether open shelving or seating areas or nooks for desks – and are prepared for the inevitably evolving office cultures of the coming years.

Shelves in an open plan office design

An office pergola creates flexible space, part of ‘CSS Village’ by Citterio

(Image credit: Photography: Delfino Sisto Legnani, DSL Studio)

In contributing to a changing landscape, the team has ensured materials have been appropriately considered from a sustainability standpoint. Fabric panels and fittings have been made with a 100 per cent post-consumption recycled polyester material, derived in part from reclaimed marine plastics. The components are designed to separate at the end of the product’s useful life, with the repurposing of the materials being one of the design's guiding principles.

Along with the presence of light, and an open feel to the prospective office layouts, organic tones are integrated through the use of oak, sycamore and Canaletto walnut, as well as aluminium frames in a variety of tones.

desk, chair and shelving in open plan office design, part of ‘CSS Village’ by Citterio

The structures allow for open and closed spaces within the office

(Image credit: Photography: Delfino Sisto Legnani, DSL Studio)

view of glazed meeting room in open plan office space

A glazed module forms a meeting room

(Image credit: Photography: Delfino Sisto Legnani, DSL Studio)

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