All eyes on Anya Life, Anya Hindmarch’s new homeware collection

Anya Life serves up ceramics and textiles capturing Anya Hindmarch's happy memories of friends and family

Anya Hindmarch tableware collection Anya Life
(Image credit: Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch)

With the Anya Life homeware collection and flagship London store, Anya Hindmarch wants to inject fun into your day-to-day routine  Hindmarch isn't afraid of making a statement with her design style, whether embracing kooky ice cream collaborations (a scoop of Branston or Heinz Tomato Ketchup flavour, anyone?) or incorporating nostalgic figures, colours and graphic symbols onto her accessories, including candles with Lyn Harris

With Anya Life, she introduces a new family member of the Anya Hindmarch label, the collection’s handcrafted pieces adding a touch of animation to your breakfast table or office space, with a focus on quirky details.

Anya Life merges craft and humour

Anya Life by Anya Hindmarch biscuits

(Image credit: Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch)

When creating the collection, Hindmarch knew the pieces had to stay faithful to the playful brand. ‘The growing home and lifestyle collections, which are now housed in the Anya Life shop, are pieces I hope [will] animate your home. I like the idea of a beautiful cabinet full of elegant crockery with the humour of a teapot with eyes placed amongst it,’ she says.

Anya Life by Anya Hindmarch teapot with eyes

(Image credit: Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch)

While functional, the Anya Life collection is sprinkled with fun and nostalgia that bring the beautifully handcrafted selection of luxury travel accessories, homewares, and picnic essentials to life. 

She explained: ‘For me, craftsmanship and humour can co-exist to bring joy. From the irreverence of a funny charm that is a perfect replica of a Carmex lip balm but handcrafted in leather hanging from a beautifully made bag to the handpainted cup you drink your tea from in the morning, this is about bringing joy to the daily, familiar moments.’

Anya Life by Anya Hindmarch eggcups with eyes

(Image credit: Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch)

From curious eyes peeping back at you when you take a sip of coffee to happy slogans with British wit on ceramics and textiles, the designs are always striking but never gauche. Clean lines and a simple monochromatic colour palette add a dash of sophistication to pieces for those that enjoy the finer things in life, without taking it too seriously.

Anya Life
7 Pont St
London SW1X 9EH

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