Valentino Beauty makes a bold entrance into cosmetics

Valentino Beauty is the first cosmetics range from the Italian fashion house. Here, explore what it has to offer.

Model wearing Valentino Beauty red lipstick in red dress and holding Valentino Beauty compact
(Image credit: Valentino)

There is an evident synergy between Valentino beauty and Valentino fashion. While that statement may seem like a given, the truth is that the economic potential of cosmetics and perfume results in many fashion brands launching beauty lines with commercialism, rather than craft, in mind. 

That's not the case with Valentino's cosmetics, which have been created under the auspices of the brand's creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. Since assuming the entire creative mantle of Valentino in 2016, including menswear, womenswear, and couture, Piccioli has proven that his vision for the brand is nothing if not comprehensive. 

Model in pink dress wearing Valentino Beauty makeup and holding Valentino Beauty compact

(Image credit: Valentino)

‘Beauty and fashion are in a constant and symbiotic evolution,' says Piccioli. ‘The work we are doing in Valentino is guided by the values we trust in, we moved from an aesthetic built on exclusivity to an inclusive one, we grew from a two-dimensional vision of beauty to a three dimensional one, where emotions, dreams, and individuality are as important, if not more, as any other feature.'

Indeed, Valentino's inclusive ethos is as key to its beauty line as it is to its fashion. The collection features 40 foundation shades, developed through extensive research on the skin tones of 5000 women in eight countries across every continent. It's an ultra-light, semi-matte cream that is specially formulated for each shade to ensure there is never an ashy residue.

Model wearing Valentino Beauty red lipstick in red dress

(Image credit: Valentino)

The collection's lipstick range is equally voluminous, with 50 different shades ranging from reds, pinks, and plums, to modern nudes made to suit a variety of skin tones, a consideration that is unfortunately not always the case in cosmetic lines. The range even includes vibrant oranges and rich corals, and an edgy purple and blue. 

Piccioli's collections have always evidenced an extraordinary mastery of colour, and the same is true for Valentino beauty. There are peridot greens, deep blues, acidic yellows, bubblegum pinks, and more to experiment and play with.

Model in pink dress wearing Valentino Beauty makeup

(Image credit: Valentino)

The entire collection includes the foundations and lipsticks; as well as eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliners, a brow trio and even glitter. It's an extensive and exuberant makeup range, making it well-suited to the growing trend for anti-perfectionist, self-expressionistic beauty we're seeing today. 

As Piccioli puts it, ‘beauty is directly connected to the intensity of our feelings, the more we love, the more we are connected to our true self, the more it shows and glows on the outside. Valentino beauty is for the dreamers.'


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