Stay cool in the heat with these beauty tricks

These icy beauty tricks will help you stay cool in the heat and refresh drab-looking skin

The Seated Queen cold cream in white container next to ice blocks and flowers
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Wondering how to stay cool in the heat? If an ice bath seems like a step too far and a cold drink just won’t cut it, then this edit of beauty products, tricks and tips is the breath of fresh air you are looking for.

seated queen ice block with flowers in it against black background

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Pearl Ice Cubes by Anne Semonin

Anne Semonin Pearl Ice Cubes in grey sachets

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Anne Semonin’s Pearl Ice Cubes are the ultimate indulgence when it comes to home ice facials. The famed Parisian facialist has long used cryotherapy treatments on her clients, and these pick-me-up sachets make it possible to see the same effects from home. 

Simply remove the ‘cubes’ from the freezer and place into the brand’s special gauze bag. As you rub the icy cold cube over your face it will release hyaluronic acid, white pearl extracts, and silk proteins to decrease the signs of ageing and improve skin radiance.

Cold Cream by The Seated Queen 

The Seated Queen cold cream in white container with black text

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The Seated Queen is not your grandmother’s cold cream. With a cool aesthetic and an even cooler (literally) product, the brand is reinvigorating what had become an outdated skincare item. 

The cream’s effectiveness is down to its use of essential and cold-pressed seed oils that are packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, E and C. It naturally feels cool to the touch, but we recommend popping it into the fridge for a few minutes before application to get an extra kick. 

Use as a traditional cleanser or wear it as a mask on days when skin is feeling extra tired and dry.

Hydra Beauty Essence Mist by Chanel 

Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist in blue bottle with black top

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The Hydra Beauty Essence Mist is a refreshing facial spray and moisturising serum in one. Keep it in your bag and spray onto your face for instant hydration, or keep it in the fridge and apply before going out, to set cosmetics and prevent any make-up melting on particularly steamy days.

Cryo stick by Biologique Recherche

Silver Cryo Sticks by Biologique Recherche in white box

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These Cryo Sticks from cult French skincare brand Biologique Recherche are designed to reduce redness and minimise puffiness within minutes. Keep the stainless steel sticks and pull them out whenever you need a refreshing, and relaxing facial massage. 

To get the best results of a cryo facial from home, we recommend filling a basin with cold water and ice, dunking your face in for a few minutes at a time, and then patting (not rubbing) your face dry.

Cool stick by Wildflower 

CBD cool stick by wildflower

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Wildflower’s Cool Stick instantly infuses skin with a heavy dose of CBD for a refreshingly chilly, tingling sensation. It can be used anywhere on the body, but is particularly handy for soothing sunburns, heat rashes, or any general aches and pains.

Cryo eye masks by 111Skin 

111Skin cryo eye masks

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111Skin is the go to brand when it comes to face masks and their cryo eye masks are our personal favourite. Keep them in the fridge and pop them on for 20 minutes when you need a refreshing way to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

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