Pharrell’s dermatologist on the secret of Humanrace skincare

Dr. Elena Jones tells us about working with Pharrell Williams on his new all-gender skincare line

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With a project range that spans the design of luxury watches to recyclable dining kits, Pharrell Williams clearly has little interest in limiting his creative expression to any one discipline. It hardly came as a surprise, then, when the polymath ventured into beauty late last year with the launch of his own skincare line Humanrace. The all-gender, three-product range was developed in collaboration with Williams’ dermatologist of over 20 years, Dr. Elena Jones.

A New York-based board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Elena’s three-part routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising forms the basis of the Humankind range. 

‘In the 20 years of my busy practice, I have been privileged to see all ages, genders, and skin types,’ she says.

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‘In listening to my patients' skincare questions and concerns, patients want a simple and effective routine that they can follow in their journey to celebrate their healthy skin. Humanrace celebrates Pharrell’s skincare routine and his love of exfoliation and humidifying hydration with its three-minute facial.’

The line’s Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, and Snow Mushroom Humidifying Cream are all vegan and specifically formulated to work on all skin types.

‘The Rice Powder Cleanser and Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator provide gentle exfoliation and are rich in hydration,’ says Dr. Elena. ‘The Humidifying Cream provides essential moisture and hydration to nourish and plump the skin. We wanted to share with the world his simple routine and his belief that we must pause to take a moment to focus not only on your skin but also on your health and wellbeing.’

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The launch of Humanrace couldn’t be better timed, with the past year of lockdown and it’s stress-induced effects on skin leading to a greater interest in skin health than perhaps ever before. ‘There is nothing more important, now more than ever, than our wellbeing, it’s our greatest resource,’ says Pharrell. ‘Wellness is a lifelong self-discovery process that offers meaningful rewards to everyone.’

‘It was really important for me to create something that reflected that ethos and create something that was accessible and inclusive. This year was the right year to create a platform for that. Our first product was Humanrace skincare because over the years, I’ve really learnt how to take care of my skin, and subsequently, discovered the positive impact it taught me on how to take care of myself and others.’

Humanrace products are currently sold out but will be restocked later this month. Watch this space in the coming weeks for the official restock date.


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