Festive eye makeup tips from Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs makeup artist, Morgane Martini, offers a step-by-step guide for the perfect party (or Zoom call) eye makeup 

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The festive parties of the holiday season have been a bit different this year, but that’s no reason to forgo the playful cosmetic trends that once marked the season. To help get you into the swing of holiday makeup, Marc Jacobs' Global Artistry Ambassador, Morgane Martini, offers a few insider tips on achieving glittering, colourful eyes that are just as well suited to a small gathering at home or on Zoom as they once were to your annual Christmas bash. 

Look one

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For an expressive Blitz Kids-esque take on the smoky eye, Martini suggests first finding the right brush for the job. ‘I love ‘The Crease’ brush which uses soft bristles and a slightly pointed-tip to diffuse the powder very easily.’ 

She suggests using a little colour on the brush at first and then building as necessary. ‘It's always easier to build your intensity by adding more instead of putting too much at first and then feel overwhelmed to blend it.’

Close up make up look with red lips and pink eyeshadow

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To create the look, Martini uses Marc Jacobs' Eye-conic palette in 'Cherrific .' Start with a matte brick-red like ‘On Top’ to smoke out the lash line, going slightly past the end of the eye. Gently graduate the colour up to the beginning of the temple with a slightly brighter, glittery shade like ‘Cherries.’

Apply a sparkling purplish-red, ‘Ask For’ in the Jacobs’ palette, to the inner corners of the eyes using your finger-tips instead of the brush. ‘For the glittery shades of the palette, I prefer using my fingers to have better control on it and to create maximum intensity,’ says Martini. 

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Finish off with a dab of ‘Decadent,’ an icy white metallic, in the centre of the eyelid. Then apply a red cream eyeliner along the lash line. For extra colour, suck in your cheeks and apply a bronzer or luminizer along the upward line on the bone and temples. For extra punch, add a maraschino-red lipstick like Jacobs’ ‘Oh Miley!’

Look two

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Martini suggests starting with eyeliner and mascara before applying eyeshadow for this look. ‘One of my favourite tricks for creating a good smokey eye is to start by applying ‘Highliner Gel Eye Crayon' on the lash line and blend it out immediately with a ‘The Crease’ brush – it creates the perfect base for eyeshadow and make the shadow last even longer,’ says Martini.

To create the red-shadowed eyes, Martini uses Marc Jacobs ‘Cherrific’ colour palette again. Start with the darkest colour, ‘On Top,’ a matte brown-hued red. Use a brush to blend it along the lash-line where you’ve already blended the eyeliner. Then apply a slightly lighter matte red, like Marc Jacobs’ ‘Extra,’, along the same line for more impactful colour. 

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Next, apply ‘Cherries,’ or a similarly shimmery bright red, to centre of the eyelid. Finish off with a highlight of ‘Delicious,’ a matte terracotta shade, along the brow bone. 

For extra colour, suck in your cheeks and apply a bronzer or luminizer along the upward line on the bone and temples. Finish off with a clear gloss on lips.

Full make up look

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