After sun lotions and sunburn soothers for cool summer skincare

Address all your summer skin concerns—from sunburn to fading tans—with these after sun lotions and restorative creams 

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We all know about the importance of wearing sunscreen and moisturising during the summer months. But even the most observant skincare devotees can sometimes find themselves with the dry, damaged skin that comes with the season, and in need of after sun remedies. 

Below, we share some refreshing solutions for summer's most common skin concerns – from sunburn to disappearing tans, clogged pores to general dryness. 

Sooth sunburn and combat wrinkles 

Aloe Vera Gel

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For true skincare obsessives, the only Aloe Vera worth having is Dr Barbara Strum's. 

The aloe plant's biological activity decreases rapidly after it is harvested, which is why Strum makes her gel from hand-harvested leaves that are stabilised and preserved immediately after cultivation. 

The ultra-high concentration of aloe leaf juice in the gel, a whopping 90 per cent, gives it unparalleled soothing power for sunburns or post-wax skin. 

It is also formulated with the anti-aging agent purslane for an added skincare boost.

Protect hair from heat

Orbie's Mystify spray

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Orbie's Mystify spray is dry shampoo and hair treatment in one. The spray contains avocado oil, niacinamide, plant collagen, and caffeine to lock in moisture and protect hair from heat damage- weather that be from the sun or hair tools. 

We suggested using it both morning and evening for healthy looking summer hair.

Lock in moisture

Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil steps

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Pouring pure olive oil on skin is an age old trick for soothing sunburn. Furtuna Skin's Due Alberi Biphase Moisturizing Oil steps up the effectiveness of that old-school method a couple hundred notches with an olive oil base infused with phenols, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and magnolia oil. 

The ingredients are harvested from the brand's estate in Sicily (you can purchase their olive oil for cooking too) and work to hydrate skin while encouraging natural collagen production.

Relieve painful sunburn  

Dr. Kerklann's Natural Relief Cream with CBD extract in grey bottle with red label

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For painful sunburn, Dr Kerklaan's Natural Relief Cream is the most effective of after sun remedies we’ve found. The non-greasy cream is formulated with CBD and lavender to naturally soothe damaged skin. The addition of eucalyptus and peppermint creates a cooling, tingling sensation on contact for instant pain relief.

Take a soothing oat bath 

SoKind's Velvet Droplets

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Cool oat baths are a traditional natural remedy for sunburnt skin. To get the same calming effects without the messy clean-up try SoKind's Velvet Droplets, formulated with oat and nordic cotton oils. It's made for babies, which means it's gentle enough to use on super-sensitive, sun-damaged skin.

Extend your suntan 

Sisley's After-Sun Care

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Sisley's After-Sun Care is designed for those looking to keep their healthy glow after they're no longer in the sun. Its formulation of andiroba oil and shea butter rehydrates skin post-sun exposure to combat dryness and peeling. The addition of low-dosage self-tanning ingredients improves your tan and extends its appearance. 

The cream is ideal for anyone lucky enough to take a holiday this summer who wants to preserve their tan when they get back home. I's equally well-suited to urban sunbathers aiming to look like they've just got back from a trip abroad.

Repair dryness and discoloration 


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Epara's London-based, Nigerian-born founder Ozohu Adoh has channelled the antioxidant-rich and nurturing properties of African botanicals into a line of ultra-nourishing skincare. 

The brand's Brightening Night Balm is a particularly rich cream that uses sweet almond and Moroccan argan oils to soften skin, as well as the brand's signature Plankton Extract to tackle hyperpigmentation in areas of melanin build-up.

We recommend slipping this on to irritated or dry skin before going to bed, for a freshly moisturised face in the morning.

Refresh sweaty skin

Dew Mist is a hydrating facial spray

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Seed to Skin is a remarkable skincare line that operates out of a 13th-century Tuscan estate. The brand's Dew Mist is a hydrating facial spray that offers instant relief to hot skin. 

We recommend carrying this around with you on particularly warm days, as its formulation of hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and rose water soothes uncomfortable skin and reduces the chance of pores getting clogged by sweat and sunscreen.

Have a cooling facial 

SAWAA's Refreshing Series Set

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For an at-home summertime facial try SAWAA's Refreshing Series Set. The kit includes the Taiwanese brand's Golden Algae Lip Care balm, a selection of soothing kelp-based facial masks, and a drawstring carrying pouch. 

The secret to the product's effectiveness is its use of chlamydomonas acidophila, a rare green algae that naturally hydrates and soothes skin. 

For an extra hit of refreshment, try popping the masks in the fridge for a few minutes before application.

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