Wall space: Brooklyn artists think big with Mike Perry-led mural project

Mural piece by Hisham Akira Bharoocha
Under the curatorial eye of artist Mike Perry, the 820 ft construction fence around Pacific Park Brooklyn becomes a wall for ten public art murals.
(Image credit: Pictured a piece by Hisham Akira Bharoocha)

Introducing sprawling high-rise condominiums to an established neighbourhood rarely goes down well with existing residents, so any effort to make the transition smoother is a good thing in our book. For the developers behind Pacific Park Brooklyn, a gaping 22-acre plot surrounding the Barclays Center that will eventually house two separate residential complexes, this sentiment was the fuel for a collaboration between ten Brooklyn-based artists, to create public murals along its 820 ft construction fence.

Curated by Mike Perry, a multimedia artist based in nearby Crown Heights who’s best known for creating the vibrant graphics of the TV series Broad City, the murals were freshly painted over the weekend by artists Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Morgan Blair, Josh Cochran, Thomas Colligan, Archie Lee Coates, Jennifer Maravillas, Eddie Perrote, Naomi Reis, Edward Ubiera and of course, Perry himself.

Framed against the primary green construction fence, each brightly coloured piece measures 40 ft long and was completed in just one day. From bold pop graphics to more realistic green foliage, each work showcases the different styles of the artists involved, painting a dynamic portrait of Brooklyn.

'Brooklyn’s artists have inspired legions of followers with their singular, relentless commitment to innovation and creative integrity,' says Perry, who has also illustrated an intricate map of the locale to accompany the project. 'This project will inspire and inform artists, art lovers, Brooklyn-philes and pop culture enthusiasts of all stripes.'

Mural in Brooklyn by Naomi Reis

Lush greenery features in Naomi Reis’ mural, created using stencils

(Image credit: press)

Mural by Mike Perry in Brooklyn

Mike Perry’s own mural epitomises his colourful, graphic style  

(Image credit: press)

Mike Perry working on his mural in Brooklyn

Perry, who is based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, at work

(Image credit: press)

Brooklyn mural by Eddie Perrote

Eddie Perrote’s version of an outdoor scene

(Image credit: press)

The team at work on Morgan Blair's mural in Brooklyn

The team at work on Morgan Blair's mural. All the murals were completed in a single day

(Image credit: press)

Large mural in Brooklyn by Jennifer Maravillas

Jennifer Maravillas took a green approach

(Image credit: press)

Black and white mural in Brooklyn by Edward Ubiera

Whereas Edward Ubiera opted for black, white and wonderful

(Image credit: press)

Mike Perry (front) with the group of collaborating Brooklyn-based artists

Mike Perry (front) with the group of collaborating Brooklyn-based artists

(Image credit: press)


Pacific Park Brooklyn
Dean Street, between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avs


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