Dusk image, green and brown forest area, metal frame suspending a projector screen showing a black and white image of a snowy forest, stream and waters edge of crisp white snow, ground spotlights shining behind the metal frame, clear sky
(Image credit: TBC)

Once the preserve of a few dedicated followers, the music festival has gone mainstream, and creative characters are seeing the summer events as a chance to capture people's attentions.

As such,Tim Simmons, a photographer best known for his eerily expansive landscapes, will be showing at Latitude Festival in Suffolk this coming weekend.

An empty car park at night

(Image credit: Tim Simmons)

Providing an unconventional backdrop for his work, the woodland landscape of Henham Park will act as Simmons' gallery walls for the summer.

Producing uncanny, plastic landscapes captured on the brink of twilight, Simmon’s work brings the natural world to the level of a set, as if constructed in the studio.

Conversely, for Simmons’ Latitude outing - Intervention - he will be projecting the large-scale works onto the landscape of the festival grounds, in an attempt to re-embed the photographs into their original habitat.

With performers such as Grace Jones, Nick Cave and the Pet Shop Boys taking to the Latitude stage this weekend, Tim Simmons’s surreal photographic installation should not look entirely out of place.


Henham Park
Sunrise Coast