Trickling down the walls of Paris’s Yvon Lambert Gallery like text-based rising damp, for his latest, self-titled exhibition - London based artist Stefan Brüggemann has covered the entire space in his own, individual brand of wallpaper.
Repeating the phrase ‘Conceptual Decoration’ hundreds of thousands of times in 10 point Arial font, Brüggemann’s repetitive wallpaper acts like a grown-up magic-eye, distorting the senses and making things appear that aren’t actually there.

Steffan Bruggemann

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Something like repeating a word so often that it looses all meaning, the black of Brüggemann’s text against the endless white of the wallpaper deceives the eye into seeing little more than a greyscale dirge.
Whilst the installation – unsurprisingly titled Conceptual Decoration – is nothing if not nihilistic, there is also something refreshingly tongue-in-cheek about Brüggemann’s approach.
Born in Mexico City in 1975, Stefan Brüggemann lives and works between Mexico City and London. Famed for his text-based work, Brüggemann has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions across both Europe and the Americas.