Seizure by Roger Hiorns
(Image credit: TBC)

With flaming street drains, grinded up aircraft engines and Toyota engines made to look like brains included in his eclectic oeuvre – British artist Roger Hiorns is anything but standard.

Little surprise then that he has been nominated for the Turner Prize this year and as such will exhibit brand new work at the Tate Britain come October. As a suitable precursor, however, and by popular demand, Hiorn’s best-known work, Seizure, displayed in a derelict South East London flat last autumn, is once again open to the public (albeit this time in a different location).

Seizure by Roger Hiorns

(Image credit: TBC)

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Originally shown in October last year for a month, Seizure is a walk-in installation with a difference. Hiorns encouraged a sprawling carpet of sparkling blue copper sulphate crystals to spread virulently over the walls, floors and fittings of the flat – resulting in an eerie walk-in cave in a striking shade of Yves Klein blue.

Commissioned by London-based charity Artangel, Hiron’s compelling mini-world re-opened to the public last month in a low-rise modernist tenement block in Elephant and Castle. Seizure will remain open to the public until mid October, when Hiorn begins his two-month long Turner tenure at Tate Britain.


157 Harper Road
Elephant & Castle