Two drawings. Left, a woman on her knees with her hands up over her head and her back arched into a dancing pose on a pink background. Right, headphones and a cord in the shape of a face on a blue background.
One of five Sound & Vision posters (each in different colour ways) exclusively created by Bar for Wallpaper* subscribers at 100% Design
(Image credit: TBC)

Noma Bar's graphic works of art are deceptively simple. Sharp and unadorned, their purity belies the philosophy behind them, and the cheeky double-take they provoke.

In a clever play on that premise, the Israeli illustrator has invented a deceptively complicated machine to cut out the negative space from his designs - the white silhouettes that deliver his punchlines. For the duration of the London Design Festival, Bar will man the six-foot behemoth he calls the Dog (a visual trick itself, as the negative space in the machine's mouth forms the contour of a canine) at the Soho gallery Outline Editions. Throughout the exhibit (called Cut It Out in a classic Bar double entendre) visitors can commission their own versions of Bar's works, which the Dog will then process from paper, wood, even rubber. Each limited-edition work, priced between £15 and £300, will be signed by the artist.

If the Outline exhibition - which runs until 30 September - drives you to outright groupie-dom, you can visit Wallpaper's stand at 100% Design for more from the comic illustrator. To celebrate our October Guest Editors issue - in which masters of sound and vision Kraftwerk and Christian Marclay take the controls - we have commissioned him to create a series of additional works of art, just for you. All those that subscribe to Wallpaper* at 100% Design (where we'll be offering 50% off a year's subscription) will have the chance to win one of five exclusive Sound & Vision artworks by Bar. If luck isn't on your side, however, you can also buy works by the artist at the fair.

Cut It Out installation

Noma Bar with his Cut It Out installation at Outline Editions
Photograph by Francis Ware

(Image credit: Francis Ware)

Pink poster 'Body Artist'

'Body Artist' by Noma Bar, on show at Outline Editions

(Image credit: TBC)

Purple poster 'Night Train to London'

'Night Train to London' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Red poster 'Devil May Care'

'Devil May Care' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Pink poster 'Erotic Writing'

'Erotic Writing' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Green poster 'Pointed Sense'

'Pointed Sense' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Red poster 'Power to the People'

'Power to the People' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Purple poster 'SML'

'SML' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Blue and pink poster 'Stalker'

'Stalker' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)

Baby blue poster '4am'

'4am' by Noma Bar

(Image credit: TBC)