A highlight of 2009 in London has been the opening of the Electric Blue Gallery on Middlesex Street in the city’s east end. Channelling a heady mix of interesting artists and haircuts the concept space brings a new meaning to cutting edge.
So we weren’t totally surprised to hear one of our favourite graphic designers, Jasper Goodall, had been snapped up for his first solo show at the gallery. ‘Poster Girl’ is a series of photographs of prints, exploring notions of fetishistic sexual fantasy and reality. Prints of women in various guises of role play are held up by models, obscuring the real deal, except for the odd pair of legs, eyes or even breast.

poster girls

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‘Sexual attraction, I believe is almost entirely down to our fantasies’, says Goodall. ‘After all, when you first met someone you don’t know them, but you make up an idea about them in your mind and it’s this fantasy that you’re attracted to. Once you get to know them, all too often the fantasy doesn’t match with the reality. I think this is why such a large proportion of relationships don’t really get off the ground’.
Aside from having his fantasies shattered, we put Goodall to the test and quizzed him on his working life, which seemed like a good excuse to revisit some of our favourite prints from his back catalogue too.

back catalogue

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