drawing of the bottom half of a nude female body in white, drawn against a red background with black polish text on the bottom
Bringing up Girls in Bohemia, 2007.
(Image credit: press)

Warsaw-based graphic design studio, Homework, has - for the past seven years - been working to resurrect the neglected art of Polish poster design.

Formed in 2003 by Joanna Gorska and Jerzy Skakun, Homework has been credited - by design writer Ellen Lupton - with 'bringing the medium of Polish posters back to life', and this month’s exhibition at London's Kemistry Gallery will pay tribute
to the fact.

Featuring fifty prints - including cinema and theatre posters - the exhibition showcases Homework's blocky, bright-hued style - which, whilst nodding at past greats such as Mieczyslaw Wasilewski and Wiktor Gorka, has established its own
visual dialect.

Littered with exhibition invites from galleries in Paris, Berlin and beyond - alongside several prizes from international biennales - Kemistry's six week exhibition will be Homework's first UK outing.

A drawing in the shape of a man's head (sideview) with a tophat on and cigarette is his mouth, drawn against a red background with text at the top and bottom of the image

Casablanca, 2009.

(Image credit: press)

Drawing of a man in a green convertible car against yellow background with green text at the top and bottom of the image

Drive, 2006.

(Image credit: press)

Black funnel shaped drawing with a water drop at the bottom end of the funnel, drawn against a pink background with black polish text at the top left

Fando i Lis, 2009.

(Image credit: press)

A gun shaped trumphet in yellow against a purple background with white polish text at the top left

Gucha - Distant Trumpet, 2008.

(Image credit: press)

A cone shaped image with an evil eye at its peak, against a blue background

Holy Mountain, 2009.

(Image credit: press)

Visual of a head with a top man hat (drawn in black) against an off green background

Kret, 2009.

(Image credit: press)

Cone shaped paper against grey background with black text

Over the Mountain Silence Prevails, 2008.

(Image credit: press)

Drawing of a red 3 blade desk fan against a black background with Polish text under the fan

Przeminelo z Wiatrem, 2009.

(Image credit: press)

Top left is a drawing of a man's face with a black moustache blowing air into beer jug that looks like a face with long blonde hair. captured against orange background

Short Cut, 2009.

(Image credit: press)

4 legs (one shaved and one stubbled) in black shoes against a red bacground. Polish text below the legs

Some Like it Hot, 2008.

(Image credit: press)


Kemistry Gallery
43 Charlotte Road