'Graphic design is everything you can see and experience,' says Anthony Burrill. 'I think life is graphic design really.' This may be a big claim for any artistic discipline but it's one that sums up the creative reach explored in Graphic Design Worlds, which looks at both the visual culture that inspires the featured designers and the artistic territories they construct.
The Triennale di Milano has invited over 30 international names - among them Burrill, M/M Paris, KesselsKramer and Fuel - to curate mini exhibitions of their own work within its expansive architecture gallery. Burrill has recreated his studio in pavilion form for the show, while KesselsKramer has constructed a children's play area, surrounded by many of the agency’s works, to illustrate the importance of play in the generation of ideas.
The resulting landscape they present is rich, varied, sometimes a little dark - such as Fuel's sinister figures peering through barbed wire on the cover of 'Drawings from the Gulag' - and often sharpened by a good dose of wit, like KesselsKramer's poster for Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amersterdam, which declares in bold letters: 'Now a bed in every room'.