‘Be an ass’: David Shrigley and Globe-Trotter unveil witty new suitcase collaboration

Travel light in baggage and humour with artist David Shrigley’s whimsical new suitcase designs for luxury travel brand Globe-Trotter 

‘Be an ass’: David Shrigley and Globe-Trotter unveil witty new suitcase collaboration
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David Shrigley has something of a way with words. With each off-the-cuff quip, eavesdropping-style phrase and drawing rendered in his inimitable scrawl, often-dark subjects are tempered with cartooned whimsy; Shrigley has invented his own unfiltered, deadpan brand of social commentary, and the world can’t seem to get enough. 

Shrigley’s distinctive humour – both universally accessible and microscopically niche – found in public sculpture, works on paper, gallery installations, and a multitude of editions (mugs, rugs, tea towels, and even inflatable versions of his illustrations), are also deployed in top-tier brand collaborations, including a carte blanche with Ruinart, a limited-edition collection for Sunspel and a banana-themed swimming pool for Soho House’s new Brighton outpost. 

David Shrigley suitcases

(Image credit: globe-trotter.com)

Now, the visual wordsmith has turned his verse to a new collection for British luxury travel lifestyle brand Globe-Trotter, known for handcrafted luggage and leather collections. The new limited-edition series features newly commissioned David Shrigley artworks presented on the exterior of their iconic four-wheel carry-on cases.

Shrigley takes Globe-Trotter’s ivory-vulcanised fibreboard case as his canvas, with the cobalt blue corners studded with brass rivets functioning as a frame. Original works such as Untitled (Be an Ass) and Untitled (baggage) pop from the case in electric azure paint. 

As the sun-seeking season begins to pick up pace following a global grinding halt, making a bold statement en route is a must-have travel essential. 

David Shrigley Globe-trotter suitcase

(Image credit: globe-trotter.com)


(Image credit: globe-trotter.com)

And what could turn more heads in the airport terminal – prime territory for both eavesdropping and observational commentary – than a bag that reads: ‘I have some baggage, but it’s not much of a problem’? 

Ideal for those who prefer travelling light – in comedy and luggage – both designs feature on Globe-Trotter’s four-wheel suitcase in a carry-on size. 

Each case will be part of a limited edition of five and is available from 18 June 2022 online and in the Globe-Trotter flagship store at London’s Burlington Arcade, where the original commissioned artworks are also displayed on the first floor. 

‘Be an ass’: David Shrigley and Globe-Trotter unveil witty new suitcase collaboration

(Image credit: globe-trotter.com)




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