David Lynch's mysterious new project reignites a long-standing collaboration

David Lynch and Chrystabell are releasing a new album – listen to the first song, out today.

David Lynch and Chrystabell Cellophane Memories
(Image credit: David Lynch)

After an ominous tease that promised something new coming on June 5, today David Lynch revealed that his latest project will be a musical endeavour – a new album with actor and long-time collaborator, Chrystabell.

Cellophane Memories, will be released on August 2 via Sacred Bones with the first single, Sublime Eternal Love, arriving today. The accompanying music video – a moody triptych starring a low-lit Chrystabell – is directed by Lynch.

Lynch and Chrystabell met in 1999 and have collaborated on multiple projects since. In 2006, Chrystabell contributed to the soundtrack for Lynch’s last feature film, Inland Empire. They reunited again in 2011 for her debut album, This Train, which Lynch wrote and produced. And again in 2017 for EP, Somewhere in the Woods. Chrystabell also featured in Twin Peaks: The Return as Agent Tammy Preston.

Crystabell has long talked of the fruitful creative partnership she has found with Lynch. On her website, she writes: "Before I was introduced to David by someone who suggested we collaborate musically, I had no idea that he was a composer or musician. Indeed he approaches creating music from a different angle than most. From my perspective, David sees the music as a path to the feeling. The feeling emerges during recorded improvisational sessions in his recording studio he calls “experiments”.

The new album reportedly comes from a vision that Lynch experienced during a nighttime walk through a "forest of tall trees, over the tops of which he saw bright light. As he recalls it, the light became the lilt of Chrystabell’s voice and revealed a secret to him.”

Of the new record, Chrystabell divulges: “It's like mood music, not that it creates mood, but more that it reflects your own.”

Cellophane Memories will feature ten original songs.

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