Textures, like wood grains, feature regularly in Graphic designer, Nigel Robinson's oeuvre, so he was an apt choice of creative to supply these for our covers application. 'I wanted the textures to be really graphic with lots of variety. Some of them turned out quite raw,' he explains. 'It is so interesting to see what people do with them. It's like looking at a visual sociological study.'
Robinson co-founded acclaimed design consultancy, Graphic Thought Facility, in 1990, with Andy Stevens and Paul Neale, before going solo a few years later. As well as graphic design, other strings to his bow include illustration, curation, lecturing (currently at Bath School of Art) and writing music. He has collaborated with the likes of M/M Paris, Fuel, Channel 4 and Lucienne Roberts, but here he shows some of his never-published-before works - some from his sketchbook and some from projects in progress.