The coiled black shreds
(Image credit: press)

It’s no surprise that photographer Christopher Griffith has a doctorate in genetic engineering. His latest series, Blown, examines a peculiarly mundane subject - discarded tyres - as you’ve never seen them before.

A clear white background

(Image credit: press)

The coiled black shreds of ripped rubber, stark and strangely beautiful against a clear white background, resemble more closely strands of animal DNA or magnified muscle fibre than stray bits of junk left by the side of the road.

Griffith’s impressive portfolio of work spans the gamut of photographic endeavour, from fashion and architecture to still life, advertising and portraiture. He’s also had a long relationship with Wallpaper*, shooting helicopters for us back in 2000 (W*28) and BMW concept cars last October (W*103).

His photography is vivid and visually precise, and his non-commissioned work tends to focus on subjects that might otherwise attract little attention (power lines in Tokyo and autumn leaves, for example). This latest series is no exception, inviting us to re-examine the familiar in stunning form.


Kochstrasse 60
10969 Berlin


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