Chrissie Abbott collaborates with Wallpaper*

Chrissie Abbott collaborates with Wallpaper
(Image credit: Chrissie Abbott)

For the September issue, Wallpaper* commissioned artist Chrissie Abbot to create a series of typographic treasures to introduce our key fashion shoots.

But her text-based work is just the beginning of what this new-wave figurehead is all about.


(Image credit: Chrissie Abbott)

See more of Chrissie Abbot's work for Wallpaper* as well as her brightly coloured back catalogue

Predominantly producing off-kilter collages, drawings and prints, Abbot’s work is multidisciplinary to a tee. Taking inspiration from a 1960s drug-style aesthetic, new age kitsch and hyper-modern colour clashes – Abbot’s work is witty, with a subtle tenderness lurking at the edges of the frame.

Aside from her myriad selection of one-off prints, furniture pieces, paintings and drawings – Abbot has produced commercial work for an expansive array of clients ranging from Orange and MTV to Nike, Nylon and The Barbican. She has also designed T-shirts for 2K, Urban Outfitters and Timberland.

Soulful, fragile and ascetic at times, Abbot’s zeitgesisty productions are all about Technicolor good times splashed across the page.