Buy the ’Stealth Kate’ digital print by Mark Quinn and Manifold Editions

Watch Marc Quinn's Kate Moss sculpture be immortalised in silkscreen glaze and diamond dust at London's Coriander Studio

A limited-edition run of 75 digital prints of Marc Quinn's iconic Kate Moss sculpture has been signed, titled and numbered by the artist himself as part of Wallpaper* Handmade 2013. It was printed with silkscreen glaze and diamond dust by Quinn, art publishers Manifold Editions and Brad Faine of leading printmakers Coriander Studio. Quinn chose the digital print process because it accentuates the colours and shades of the image, while the diamond dust provides an amazing contrast.

Marc Quinn
Marc Quinn's best-known works, such as his head sculpted in his own blood and the sculpture of Alison Lapper, examine the body's physical and cultural interpretations. This image of Kate Moss, with her limbs contorted in a yoga pose, is a reflection on the distortions of global media. It is not a portrait of a person, he says, but 'a portrait of an image twisted by our collective desires'.

Manifold Editions
James Booth-Clibborn launched Manifold Editions in 2011 (W*153) with a mission to make buying contemporary art more painless and transparent than frequenting galleries and auction houses. His website sells high-quality limited- or single-edition prints of works by some of the top names in contemporary art, as well as offering a selection of sought-after classic prints from the past 20 years.

Print of woman doing an gymnastic pose

Exclusive offer: to buy the print for just £1,560 (usual price £1,920) visit or call 44.20 7370 7202

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