It’s tempting to see Daniel Buren’s oysters and truffle, presented here, as a comestible manifestation of his most celebrated artistic forms. The components themselves are rare and exquisite - what the French artist describes as a ‘paradisiac surprise’ - and consist simply of a couple of oysters covered with a gill of black truffle. Accessorise as you see fit. In this case, we’ve chosen crushed ice carried in a translucent raft of coloured glass vessels, a nod to Buren’s 2012 Excentrique(s) installation at Paris’ Grand Palais. The artist filled the Beaux-Arts masterpiece with a layer of coloured lenses, filtering visitors’ views of the structure. It’s lucky that there’s an ‘r’ in the next few months and the Périgord season is fast approaching, although picking up the bill will be the biggest challenge for this sybaritic snack.