As with any art form, photography has its stars and celebrities, but when it comes to those at the top, the buck tends to stop with German photographic trailblazer, Andreas Gursky.

Gursky Stockholm

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With a career spanning three decades, Gursky is renowned for his monolithic prints, which, with characteristic candescence, turn the mundane into the truly magical.
For the first time in his thirty-year artistic history, the entirety of Gursky’s oeuvre will be on show in Stockholm’s expansive Moderna Museet.
From his subjective personal perspectives in the eighties to his homogenised global outlook in the noughties - over 140 of Gursky’s photographs will be included.
Both representational and disconnected, Gursky’s collectivist worldview takes the individual and multiplies it to the point of complete abstraction.
Adopting scenes from full-to-bursting stadiums, frenetic trading floors and packed domestic cells, Gursky collides notions of homogony and individuality on the surface of his beautifully expansive, large-scale prints.
Whilst Gursky,’s overwhelming vision of the human species is undeniably daunting, taken in amidst the vaulting, blanched halls of the Moderna Museet, the experience is nothing if not humbling.