Cassion Castle is turning the architectural hinterland of London’s East End to his own advantage, seeking out unpromising plots and upgrading them into light-filled living spaces.

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Together with former partner Carl Turner, he built the Twofold House, a home and studio for a pair of artists, and today he is hard at work on the Brick Studio, an artfully composed tower of brick designed for an industrial designer client in an off-the-radar London mews.
Castle also acts as contractor on many of his projects, a hands-on process that, he admits, tends to ’throw a lot of emphasis on our relationship with the client.’ However, it also allows for far better quality. ’It gives me much better control over things, it’s a more craftsman-like and experimental approach.’
Materials and finishes are always a focus: a refurbished Victorian mansion for a contemporary comic actor mixed spatial invention with elaborate touches, while a new low-energy country house in Suffolk is in the design stage.