3XN exhibition in Copenhagen discusses architecture through our senses

3XN exhibition 'Aware: Architecture and Senses' opens its doors at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen

red area in 3XN exhibition 'Aware: Architecture and Senses'
(Image credit: Rasmus Hjortshoj)

Spatial immersion, bold gestures and the evocative; the 3XN exhibition 'Aware: Architecture and Senses' has just opened its doors in Copenhagen's Danish Architecture Center. The new show focuses on leading practice 3XN's rich architectural output and unique approach, with a multi-layered takeover that makes the most of the generous proportions of OMA partner Ellen van Loon's landmark building in the Nordic capital.  

red installation at 3XN 'Aware: Architecture and Senses'

(Image credit: Rasmus Hjortshoj)

3XN exhibition: 'Aware: Architecture and Senses'

The exhibition's concept discusses the effect that architecture has upon us – the feelings it summons and its intangible power to alter experiences and, therefore, lives. To emphasise this, 3XN's curated display doesn't showcase the studio’s ever-growing body of work; rather, the exhibition invites visitors to an immersive journey through six site-specific installations. 

dark details at3XN 'Aware: Architecture and Senses'

(Image credit: Rasmus Hjortshoj)

'Design choices are never merely aesthetic – they fundamentally influence our lives and affect our experiences,' said Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN founder and creative director. 'Architecture shapes our behaviour. Are you – are we – aware of how?'

He continues: 'These intangible, fleeting qualities have long been a driving force of 3XN GXN’s work. We are fascinated by how people and space interact and have a hunger to understand and work with the innate, universal dimensions that make up experience. Why? Because experience is how we all understand architecture.'

3XN 'Aware: Architecture and Senses'

(Image credit: Rasmus Hjortshoj)

Each of the installations is calibrated by the studio to inspire a different response – offering variety in the context they create. They span from organic forms to structured, crisper shapes, and from subtle, natural hues to the twisting staircase's powerful red environment. 

red area in 3XN 'Aware: Architecture and Senses'

(Image credit: Rasmus Hjortshoj)

Harnessing architecture's power to move us is key in planning our future homes, cities and communities, the team behind the newly opened show proposes. 

'In Denmark and throughout Scandinavia, there is a very strong sense of responsibility for the collective,' said Kasper Riisholt, programme manager for culture at the Danish Architecture Center. 'This responsibility is also about our wellbeing – that our society and space must nurture, support, and facilitate a good quality of life for everyone. For architecture to contribute positively to our wellbeing, we must understand its core: What is our relationship with architecture, what does it do to us?'

'Aware: Architecture and Senses' will be open at the Danish Architecture Center from 22 March to 15 September 2024



Ellie Stathaki is the Architecture & Environment Director at Wallpaper*. She trained as an architect at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and studied architectural history at the Bartlett in London. Now an established journalist, she has been a member of the Wallpaper* team since 2006, visiting buildings across the globe and interviewing leading architects such as Tadao Ando and Rem Koolhaas. Ellie has also taken part in judging panels, moderated events, curated shows and contributed in books, such as The Contemporary House (Thames & Hudson, 2018), Glenn Sestig Architecture Diary (2020) and House London (2022).