Shahla Karimi’s alternative engagement rings take a sculptural cue from Anish Kapoor

Shahla Karimi experiments with classic engagement ring design in the ‘Cloud’ collection

Shahla Karimi diamond rings
(Image credit: Shahla Karimi)

Offbeat engagement rings pay tribute to architectural silhouettes in the hands of Shahla Karimi, who nods to Anish Kapoor’s ‘mini-bean’ monument on Herzog & de Meuron's Jenga Tower (56 Leonard) in New York for the dreamy ‘Cloud’ collection.

‘The urban wonder encapsulates the seamless fusion of structural ingenuity and artistic expression,’ says Karimi of why the work was a natural inspiration. ‘The tower's design mirrors the bold and adventurous spirit of love. Just as the tower defies gravity with its architectural prowess, it becomes a metaphor for couples daring to defy convention and build a love that stands tall amidst the complexities of life, reaching new heights together.’

diamond ring close up, in white gold

(Image credit: Shahla Karimi)

It is a concept reflected in the contours and reflective surfaces of the rings, which balance diamonds on graceful loops of gold. ‘Unlike the classic solitaire or traditional band, the “Cloud” collection embraces a more artistic and abstract shape, challenging the expected silhouette of an engagement ring,’ Karimi adds. ‘By drawing inspiration from architecture, the collection transcends the purely romantic symbolism often associated with engagement rings. It intertwines art and romance, offering a more layered and multi-dimensional narrative.’

diamond ring close up, in yellow gold

(Image credit: Shahla Karimi)

Pieces play with perceptions, with asymmetrical designs celebrating a plethora of cuts. ‘Crafting a collection that seamlessly integrates various stone shapes and sizes demands extensive trial and error in the R&D phase, coupled with meticulous technical guidelines for manufacturing, particularly when incorporating unique centre stones. This specific collection, a labour of love, has been in the making for over a year. Moreover, striking a delicate balance between artistic expression and everyday comfort is paramount. Designing a ring that captivates visually while remaining suitable for daily wear poses a challenge, especially when exploring unconventional shapes. The “Cloud” collection evokes the light, ethereal touch of a cloud, beautifully gracing the finger.’

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