Patek Philippe's new Annual Calendar watch ticks all the right boxes

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 5235/50R comes in warm rose gold

‘Annual Calendar Regulator 5235/50R’ watch, £47,620, by Patek Philippe
(Image credit: Pauline Caranton)

Originally launched in 1996, Patek Philippe’s ‘Annual Calendar’ watch stripped back a complicated mechanism, imbuing its notorious complexity with a design purity and focusing on ease of use. 

This contemporary approach to watchmaking was complimented by a nod to its history upon the introduction of the first ‘Regular’ models a decade ago. In their movement and dial layout, they referenced the clocks put in watch shops to help watchmakers regulate the watches they were working on, hence the name. This interweaving of the past and the present reaches its pinnacle in the elegant ‘Annual Calendar Regulator 5235/50R’ incarnation. Encased in rose gold with a two-tone graphite and ebony dial and a vertical satin finish, it’s an elegant accessory for a black-tie do, making it a natural choice for our entertaining issue.

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