Pearls, gummy bears and smiley faces: discover Crystal Haze’s playful jewellery

Layer up playful pearls with Crystal Haze

Crystal Haze necklaces of pearls and gummy bears and smiley faces
(Image credit: Crystal Haze)

Pearls are given an irreverent spin in the hands of Crystal Haze, which marries freshwater pearls with everything from gummy bears in playful pops of resin to beaming smiley faces.

‘We wanted to mix the traditional elements of pearl jewellery with the playful nostalgia which is the biggest inspiration behind Crystal Haze designs,’ says founder Ophelia Alickaj. ‘This fun spin on such a classic trend makes it accessible and inclusive to different generations and genders, which is such a wonderful destination to have created.’

Crystal Haze neclace with pearls and colourful beads

(Image credit: Crystal Haze)

Classic designs are rethought in pieces made to be layered. ‘We often take traditional materials that we saw our grandparents and parents wear or that we saw in movies when growing up, and we design [a piece] in a way that we want to wear [them]. A challenge is to not be influenced by external trends in the design process. We always design for Crystal Haze and Crystal Haze only, so it’s crucial for us to stick to our authentic DNA and create the trends, rather than following them.’

pearl necklace

(Image credit: Crystal Haze)

Pearls join chains and statement earrings in a wide curation of jewellery that puts joyful design at its heart. ‘Old school meets new school is the DNA of Crystal Haze, making our designs authentic, relatable and wearable,’ Alickaj adds.

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