Chunky, gold and vintage-inspired jewellery: join Anisa Sojka’s chain gang

Anisa Sojka intertwines her chunky gold jewellery with retro references

Models wear chunky gold jewellery by Anisa Sojka
(Image credit: Anisa Sojka)

In Anisa Sojka’s jewellery, vintage design meets modern craftsmanship. Sojka draws on references from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, when creating pieces for her eponymous brand, an aesthetic translated into chunky gold jewellery, including tightly knitted, chunky chains.

model wears chunky gold necklace and earring

Gold necklaces, from £79

(Image credit: Anisa Sojka)

‘Bold proportions ensure that our jewellery makes a strong statement,’ says Sojka. ‘Our pieces become the focal point, adding unique drama and sophistication to any look. The weight of our jewellery designs is associated with the craftsmanship and quality. They are durable and tarnish-free pieces, created with longevity in mind. Our pieces are timeless and transcend fleeting trends, they are wardrobe staples that can be worn for many different occasions for years to come. There is a meticulous attention to detail in the design process. We are committed to creating pieces that are not only visually striking but also thoughtfully crafted.’

chunky gold bracelets and rings on models' arms and fingers

(Image credit: Anisa Sojka)

Sojka intertwines vintage nods with her own memories of growing up in Gambia, where she enjoyed stacking her mother’s necklaces in an early celebration of bold forms. In her jewellery designs, this nostalgia is imbued with a significance thanks to a careful consideration of material as well as form.

Gold bracelets on model's arm

(Image credit: Anisa Sojka)

‘Choosing the right materials is crucial. We need to consider factors such as durability, aesthetics and physical feel of the product. Creating visually appealing designs while ensuring the piece is comfortable to wear, striking the right balance between aesthetics and practicality is essential. Creating prototypes and testing samples are crucial steps in our design process. This can be very time-consuming and involves multiple iterations to achieve the desired outcome. Understanding consumer preferences is vital. We create pieces that not only showcase our artistic vision but also appeal to the target audience.’

silver chunky ring and necklace on model

(Image credit: Anisa Sojka)

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