Diamonds created from the air make chic and sustainable engagement rings

Shahla Karimi’s partnership with Aether diamonds results in jewellery both sustainable and cool

Two engagement rings by Shahla Karimi x Aether using sustainable
(Image credit: Shahla)

As sustainable production methods become the norm, so a host of brands is seeking new and innovative ways to reduce the impact of creating new pieces. For some, this has opened up the possibility of forming new partnerships and sharing resources and aesthetics, resulting in work that is both thoughtfully designed and eco-friendly.

Aether X Shahla sustainable-diamond jewellery 

Aether X Shahla Karimi engagement ring studded with sustainable diamonds

(Image credit: Shahla)

New York-based jewellery brand Shahla Karimi is a case in point, announcing a partnership with Aether diamonds, billed as the world’s first carbon-negative, positive-impact diamonds. ‘We are always looking to work with new diamond companies that prioritise carbon offsetting or neutrality,’ the brand says. ‘Aether is actually carbon-negative, which means they are reducing the number of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Given that our values aligned so well with theirs, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with them when they reached out.’

Aether X Shahla Karimi engagement ring with sustainable diamond

(Image credit: Shahla)

Aether creates diamonds from the air, taking carbon from the atmosphere and converting it into a raw material that is then placed into reactors powered by clean energy. Over a few weeks, diamond crystals slowly form. 

The jewellery that follows, including chic alternative engagement rings, encompasses strong architectural forms, with unexpected diamond placements and strong silhouettes making for modern pieces.

gold bracelet studded with Aether diamonds

Rivet bracelet

(Image credit: Shahla)

‘We wanted to create a gender fluid collection with Aether, inclusive of engagement rings. It is always a challenge to balance both masculine and feminine elements to work across genders. Our move to SoHo was a huge source of inspiration for the pieces in our most recent three collections,’ the brand adds of its offbeat design aesthetic. ‘Aether turns air into diamonds; our capsule extends that solidifying concept further by setting them in materially substantial pieces. The minimal design aesthetic punctuated by structural details, like diamonds set in rivets, is a nod to the cast-iron construction elements that feature in SoHo architecture.’

Aether x Shahla gold chain necklace with a sustainable diamond

Link necklace

(Image credit: Shahla)

Aether x Shahla white gold hoop earrings studded with sustainable diamonds

Rivet hoops

(Image credit: Shahla)

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