Vrai, the sustainable jewellery brand that champions man-made diamonds, has launched a unisex jewellery collection with stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn.

The 12 pieces that make up the collection – including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces – place irregular cuts at the heart of their designs. For Zangardi and Haenn, the collaboration is a chance to explore the possibilities of man-made diamonds, which allow for greater creativity when freed from the traditional restrictions on cuts. ‘Working with diamonds sustainably created by Vrai allowed us to include shapes in our collection that consumers have rarely seen, and definitely haven’t seen together,’ the duo say.

Vrai’s diamond bracelet on gold
Vrai diamond earrings featuring three diamonds on white gold studs

Vrai man-made diamonds in intriguing cuts

Unusual diamond shapes – such as the half moon, hexagon, baguette, marquise and lozenge cuts – form the cornerstone of the collection’s pieces, which take inspiration from the pair’s own lives. A series called ‘Unity’ sees different cuts juxtaposed in a ring, ear arc and bracelet that celebrate angular silhouettes. Diamonds are cast in tantalising clusters in the ‘Illuminate’ series, while in pieces such as the ‘Compass’ ring and ‘Currency’ necklace, they take centre stage.

‘As a male and female styling duo, we wanted to create a collection of jewellery pieces that were both unique and special, but also made for everyone,’ Zangardi and Haenn say. ‘As stylists, we are discerning about the pieces we choose for clients, so we wanted every piece to be meaningful. The designs in this collection are meant to embolden and empower the wearer.’

The unique cuts allow wearers to imbue the pieces with their own personal meaning. ‘This collection showcases the perfect pairing of Rob and Mariel’s discerning eye for design with the innovative craftsmanship of Vrai,’ adds the jewellery brand’s CEO Mona Akhavi. ‘The unisex collaboration redefines what sustainable fine jewellery can stand for; a powerful statement of true values and a bold expression of style.’

Every part of the process is carefully considered in terms of sustainability, from the man-made diamonds and recycled white gold of the jewellery itself to the packaging, which features recycled paper and compostable internal trays created from compressed sugarcane pulp. §

Vrai gold and diamond earrings with small dangling gold chain
Vrai diamond and gold ring with shapes carved in the side