Tom Ford unveils a watch made entirely from ocean plastic

The Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Timepiece is now on sale

Tom Ford unveils a watch made entirely from ocean plastic
(Image credit: TBC)

With sustainability an issue at the forefront of our minds, an assortment of brands have been quick to respond with ethical products that both look and do good.

Tom Ford Timepieces have become the latest to unveil a creative solution with the launch of the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Timepiece. The Swiss-made watch is made entirely from plastic collected from the ocean, the coastline and uncontrolled landfills. Each watch is the equivalent of 35 bottles of plastic waste.

For Ford, ethical luxury is key; he points to the amount of plastic in the ocean as one of the most pressing concerns we are currently facing and is keen to acknowledge the responsibility we have to address it.

Details are carefully considered – the timepiece will contain no virgin plastics and everything that is used will be traceable to the collection source. Their journey to Switzerland is a carbon neutral one and the creation process once there is powered by solar energy. For every 1000 watches sold, 490lbs of plastic will be permanently removed from the ocean. The watch is on sale now.

To coincide with the launch, Tom Ford has partnered with 52HZ for the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize which seeks a replacement for thin-film plastic bags. The winning submission will be announced in 2022, and the winner will work together with the Tom Ford team to make their product available to the public as early as 2025.


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