Touch type: celebrating 50 years of Pomellato’s tactile designs

 Pomellato Iconica Extra Slim, Slim and Bold bracelets
The Pomellato Iconica Extra Slim, Slim and Bold bracelets in 18ct rose gold reflect the brand’s history of mixing links of different sizes – the bracelets can be joined together into one chain
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The front door to every Pomellato boutique is marked by a big, tactile gilt curve of a handle. An exaggerated version of its sensuous Fedona big band ring, it’s designed to be nice to touch.

And so it was when the Milanese fine jeweller’s creative director Vincenzo Castaldo was designing pieces for the new Iconica’ collection- one inspired by the brand's signature band ring style. ‘The soft, smooth and bold contours of the designs perfectly embody our dedication to touch; our legacy in the goldsmith tradition,’ he confirms.

The new collection, celebrating Pomellato’s 50th anniversary this year, comprises smooth band rings in rose and white gold, and a series of beautifully hand-worked chains, including three different sized bracelets that can be linked into one necklace. It perfectly symbolises the Milanese brand’s original aim of responding to the tastes of modern women seeking highly crafted jewellery but with an easy, everyday sensibility.

The Iconica collection features ring styles inspired by those first launched by Pomellato in its early years, the 1970s, and reissued in the 1990s. The chain designs, meanwhile, also reflect Pomellato’s history of creating distinctive shapes – founder Pino Rabolini was one of the first jewellers to mix links of different sizes within one chain. ‘Our shapes have an amazing texture, richness, and depth that distinguishes them from others,’ offers Castaldo.

Rose gold necklace

Necklace made up of the Extra Slim, Slim and Bold Iconica bracelets in 18ct rose gold

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Experts in chainmaking

Experts in chainmaking, Pomellato’s craftsmen hand-twist the metal to create finely contoured link shapes

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Iconica Maxi ring

An exaggerated version of the Iconica Maxi ring, above, informs the front-door handle design of Pomellato boutiques

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