Piercing jewellery is on point

The new piercing jewellery collection from Otiumberg and Browns Fashion is refreshingly chic

Otiumberg piercing jewellery with diamonds and gems
(Image credit: otiumberg.com)

Piercing jewellery has a bad reputation. Once clunky, it was viewed as something to be endured until an ear piercing healed – only then could a wide world of delicate earring options open.

Now, jeweller Otiumberg – better known for its chunky chainsrings and necklaces – hopes to change that by partnering with Browns Fashion on the launch of The Threaded Collection. Composed of 13 pieces in 14ct yellow gold, all the threaded stud earrings will work for both piercing and newly pierced ears.

‘A lot of our customers have multiple piercings and the feedback was that traditional piercing jewellery was either too clinical or too blingy,’ says Otiumberg co-founder Rosanna Wollenberg. ‘When Browns asked us if we would consider designing a collection for them specifically, we knew the time had come.’

Sapphire piercings

(Image credit: otiumberg.com)

Star shaped nose pin

(Image credit: otiumberg.com)

Delicately sized, the earrings in the collection come in either unadorned gold or studded with precious gems. White topaz and black onyx, simply placed emeralds or a rainbow of tsavorite, ruby and ceylon sapphire will bring cheerful hues to your earlobe. ‘We are excited to offer pieces that could be worn when your ear has just been pierced and is still healing, whilst also eliminating the need to upgrade after that healing process is finished,’ adds Wollenberg.

Designed to be as kind to the new piercing as possible – a site notoriously ripe for infection – the pieces are crafted using antibacterial, nickel-free and hypoallergenic materials. ‘We developed this collection over the course of a year in collaboration with a piercing expert to ensure the pieces were fit for purpose. It was a new category for us and we wanted to make sure we did it right. And now we have 13 beautiful options. They are understated but still really special.’

Star Shaped piercings with diamonds

(Image credit: otiumberg.com)



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