Discover Maya Magal’s organic jewellery forms in solid silver and gold

Maya Magal crafts her sensual forms with an all-female team in London’s King’s Cross

Side by side images of models. Left, interconnected silver necklace. Right: Small earings and a double ring.
(Image credit: Maya Magal)

Heavy-duty forms are imbued with a light buoyancy in the hands of Maya Magal, who rethinks classic chain forms in new collection, Lucid.

‘Hand-making each collection throws up challenges, and Lucid was no exception,’ Magal says of the pieces created in sterling silver and solid gold. ‘We crafted each chunky link of the chain necklace and bracelet, and complexities arose when making the samples in wax and getting them to sit nicely around the body. The whole collection is incredibly labour intensive as there is a lot of surface area, all finished in a high shine. However, our jewellers found the solution by adding a groove to each handmade link. I love overcoming challenges, and I’m incredibly proud of our team and this collection.’

A gold ring.

(Image credit: Maya Magal)

Magal draws on her traditional jewellery background – her eponymous brand was born in London’s Hatton Garden – for pieces which are made in King’s Cross with an all-female team.

‘Although we train and nurture young female talent in our jewellery workshops, local production also means we can make the jewellery in limited runs,’ Magal adds. ‘We don’t need to place bulk orders because we can remake popular styles in-house and respond quickly to customer demands. Producing locally in London is also the only way our workshops can be zero-waste. We work with recycled silver and gold, removing any off-cuts to be reused and closing the production loop.’

The jewellery in this new collection reinterprets classic silhouettes. Rings and bangles are smooth whorls of solid silver and gold, chains rest flat across the body and hoop earrings are hollow to ensure ultimate comfort and wearability.

Interconnected silver bracelet

(Image credit: Maya Magal)

For Magal, the emphasis remains on the craftsmanship and the connection with her customers. ‘Most importantly, I love that customers can walk into our London stores and see the jewellery made right before them. Knowing the value of jewellery and the time, craftsmanship and love that goes into each piece is essential.’

Two silver rings

(Image credit: Maya Magal)

Two silver ear rings on ear.

(Image credit: Maya Magal)


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