Hermès unveils a sporty new watch

The new Hermès ‘H08’ runs rings around the competition – get set!

A close-up of the face for a Hermes Paris watch. The colour is dark grey with a dark graphite face, with contains a black circle. The face has white 1-12 numerals with a white hour arm, a black minute arm and a black second arm with a reflective orange triangle. The Hermes Paris logo is in the upper centre of the face with white hashes in the black ring.
‘H08’ watch with titanium case and titanium strap, £4,890, by Hermès, hermes.com
(Image credit: Leon Chew)

In 1912, one of Emile Hermès’ four daughters was photographed wearing a pocket watch on her wrist, securely held in place with a bespoke strap of leather from her father’s saddle-making workshop. It marked the start of a horological flirtation for Hermès, which culminated in the creation of a watchmaking division in 1978.

Based in the Swiss town of Bienne, the watchmaking division of Hermès has since grown to encompass a workshop solely focused on creating leather straps and another that produces in-house movements. An Hermès watch is characterised by a clean design that belies the robustness of the whole. It is a point simply drawn in the lines of the new Hermès ‘H08’, which takes its name from the rounded forms of the font. The negative space of the 0 and endless loops of the 8 underpin the geometrical whorls of the case, which juxtaposes a circular dial with its softened edges. The convex font, more voluptuously drawn then the blunt minimalist numerals of the Slim d’Hermès, are another nod to the cushion-shaped whole.

In its emphasis on a comfortable cut and tactile materials, it is consistent with the codes set out by artistic director of menswear Véronique Nichanian, who this season rethought leisurewear with hooded parkas, fleece jackets and relaxed cuts. The casual theme continues in the muted hues of the ‘H08’, which takes on a sporty bent when paired with straps in satin-brushed titanium, webbing or vivid colour pops of rubber.


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