Japanese illustrator Face designs bold Camper watch

The Timex Face x Anna Camper Watch is a collaboration between Timex, Tokyo-based illustrator and designer Face and Japan’s Anna magazine

the joy of living in analog
(Image credit: Timex)

Timex has joined forces with Tokyo-based illustrator and designer Face for the newest iteration of the classic Camper model. His reinterpretation of the clean watch dial sits alongside an Analog Life concept from Japan’s Anna magazine, celebrating the simple pleasures of being offline.

The effortless functionality of the classic Camper model, first released in the 1980s makes it the ideal blank canvas for a playful design. Face’s idiosyncratic style adds an irreverent edge to the lightweight model in resin. Measuring a modest 36mm, the watch dial celebrates the physical act of checking the time on a watch and not a phone face. The simple design cornerstones of the watch are an effective foil for the bright rainbow of hues and unexpected colour combinations that characterise Face’s buoyant designs.

pink timex watch

(Image credit: Timex)

Analog Life underlines this simple concept, encouraging us to put down our phone and go back to basics in every area of our life. A tongue-in-cheek editorial suggests the simple ways in which we can escape from our all-encompassing digital lives.

For Face, this simplicity was reflected in the organic process of the design: ‘It’s my style – there’s no more to it than that,’ he says. ‘I hope wearing these watches makes people happy everyday.’

black timex watch

(Image credit: Timex)

yellow timex watch

(Image credit: Timex)



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