Anklets welded onto the body make romantic and enduring jewellery tokens

Atelier VM’s ‘L’Essenziale’ jewellery collection now includes slender gold anklets

Slender gold anklets Atelier
(Image credit: Atelier VM)

Slender gold chains cut endless silhouettes in the hands of Atelier VM, which has grown its bestselling ‘L’Essenziale’ collection of necklaces and bracelets to include a minimalist anklet.

Defined by a lack of hardware, pieces in the collection are welded together, and can be removed only by severing the chain. Customers can choose the thickness of their chain, and the option to add charms.

Gold bracelets by Atelier VM

(Image credit: Atelier VM)

‘At first it seemed an impossible idea, full of obstacles and limitations, starting with the fact that, being an experiential piece of jewellery, there was a need for the person in attendance during the purchase to be a specialised operator, with sophisticated machinery and much more,’ say Atelier VM founders Viola Naj Oleari and Marta Caffarelli of the challenges of creating the piece. ‘However, by persisting with our commitment and dedication, we successfully overcame the challenges, creating a unique experience and storytelling based on the truth of the idea and its multiple meanings.

‘This is why we like to emphasise the origins of the welded jewellery being here at Atelier VM, because as much as it may flatter us to see the concept of welding jewellery onto the body spread as a worldwide trend, it is good to remember where it came from and the values it refers to.’

Gold bracelet by Atelier VM being fitted for the wrist

(Image credit: Atelier VM)

Available in yellow, rose or white gold, the anklet is light to wear, designed to move with the body to ensure maximum comfort. ‘The desire and the need to bind an important memory to the body was the original inspiration behind the collection,’ the jewellery designers add. ‘In 2014, Viola was going through an emotional time in her life and already working with a local goldsmith in Milan on the main Atelier VM collection. One day she went to the goldsmith’s workshop and while there she saw a piece of gold chain sitting in his studio. She looked at it and told the goldsmith that she wanted him to use the laser welding machine to weld this piece of gold onto her wrist. She wanted a permanent memory of this time in her life, and the emotions that she was feeling – the beginning of the “L’Essenziale” collection.’ 


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