Mesmerising murmurations

Studio Drift’s Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta talk us through the genesis behind their beautiful ’Flylight’ installation….

’Everyone strives for freedom – the works that we make are a reflection of this desire.’ So explains Lonneke Gordjin of Studio Drift’s remit. The Amsterdam-based practice recently revealed a making-of film about ’Flylight’, an intricate, immersive light work that draws on the natural phenomenon of starling murmurations for inspiration.

Hundreds of glass tubes represent the birds. LED light sources – both the warmth and brightness of each can be altered – are placed on the edge of each tube. As the work is approached, the lights ’flock’ toward the viewer, following them until ’interest’ is lost – reflective of starlings flocking towards a predator to disorientate them. The result is a beguiling installation, visualising, the duo explains, ’a contradiction between our behaviour to fit in society and our individual freedom’.

For more information, visit the Studio Drift film webpage.

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