To celebrate 100 years of Edward Johnston’s iconic typeface, TfL has asked Monotype to re-design the font for the modern age

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In a busy city like London, the commuter system must provide easy instructions for moving around in a timely fashion.  

One hundred years ago, the calligrapher Edward Johnston designed the timeless ’Johnston’ typeface. Considered one of the most provocative and quirky typefaces of the time, the font gained status quickly, and is now the ubiquitous ’face’ of TfL.

Today, to mark this centenary, Monotype has been commissioned by TfL to re-design the font and suit it to today’s digital needs. 

With ’Johnston100’, Monotype has modified the typeface by introducing a slightly wider design and two new lighter variations: ’Thin’ and ’Hairline’. The new font will be rolled out across London’s transport system over the course of the next 18 months, with the opening of the Elizabeth Line.

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