Wallpaper* Design Awards 2016 judge and graphic design titan George Lois talks design, ballbusting ideas and the Apple Watch Hermès

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The advertising and graphic design titan George Lois has made a living out of being a ’cultural provocateur’; today he teaches others how to use their talent, vetting young people’s ideas for the product innovation platform MindBlower. We invited him to form part of our peerless judging panel for the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2016, asking him to choose his favourite ideas across 11 major categories.

He also modelled this year’s Life Enhancer of the Year, the Apple Watch Hermès. ‘It’s an iPhone for health nuts,’ he neatly surmises. ‘It’s the kind of watch that you wear and you let everyone know that you’re wearing it. I voted for it because it’s going to be a hot item. It will be after this [story comes out].’  See the Design Awards 2016 in full – including our extra-special Judges’ Awards

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