’Between Life and Death’ – a Vollebak film

Director Chris Palmer creates a cinematic interpretation of adventure clothing brand Vollebak’s ’Condition Black Jacket’

’Condition Black’ is the term the military elite have given to life and death situations. In other words, it’s colour code for ’you’re about to die’. Adventure sportsmen-cum-designers Nick and Steve Tidball used this term as a jumping off point for their high-tech survival jacket, captured here in Palmer’s spectral video.

Shot on a Red Monochrome camera with vintage Russian prime lenses, the film catches water and ice hitting the jacket’s Ceraspace panels at high speed, and zooms down among the fibre of the ultra-lightweight ceramic particles, that can survive falls of up to 120kmph. That eerie sound overdubbed in the background is composed entirely from ’space recordings’ made on Nasa’s 2009 Voyager mission, designed to increase your tolerance of pure terror. Read more about the ’Condition Black’ project.

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