Alucci Alucci is so great they named it twice. The bar and restaurant is back on track as one of the hot spots of São Paulo after a renovation by Triplex Arquitetura and beauty stylist Theo Carias, inspired by Jacques Garcia’s flamboyant interiors for Hotel Costes in Paris.
A myriad of intimate rooms and terraces display mirrors with gilt frames and an extravagant mix of antique and contemporary furniture. The look is Baroque meets Napolean III, with a modern update. There is even a glittering blue crystal room, with high ceilings, crystal curtains and acrylic chairs. Facing Hotel Fasano, amid Jardins district, Alucci Alucci is also perfect for people watchers.
The menu has recently been reworked at the hands of fusion cuisine magician, Edson Freire. Expect treats like tuna tartare with foie gras, taleggio tortelli with fig and pistachio, and caipirinha ice cream.
Monday nights at Alucci Alucci are not to be missed. The blue crystal room is transformed into a stage, where jewellery designer Guerreiro and group play Sinatra, Ray Charles and Cole Porter.