French audio firm La Boite Concept builds cabinet speakers and all-in-one systems that keep one foot in the realm of elegant furniture. The firm was founded in 2008 by Timothée Cagniard, scion of France’s pioneering loudspeaker brand, Siare, originally set up in the late 1930s. The new company is built around its own R&D lab, based in the Basque Country, with every component designed in-house, and materials such as wool and leather sourced from local companies wherever possible.  

Elegant solutions for the vinyl revival

La Boite Concept LINES cabinet system
La Boite Concept’s new ‘Lines’ cabinet system is available in a number of finishes and configurations

Two new products epitomise La Boite Concept’s approach. ‘Lines’ is a sleek modular cabinet for your Hi-Fi separate system, designed by architecture and product designer Stephan Lanez. Custom-shaped to take La Boite Concept products, but suitable for any hefty pieces of gear, ‘Lines’ is available in both oak and walnut finishes. Each wooden shelf is backed with felt made from French wool, allowing them to be slotted snugly into the tubular steel frame without transmitting any vibrations through the structure. Cables are tidied up with leather ties that keep them neatly aligned with the structure. 

La Boite Concept SQUARE Series turntable
La Boite Concept’s new ‘Square’ series turntable in walnut (left) and oak (right)

As well as being perfectly shaped for the LP storage needs of design-loving record collectors, ‘Lines’ has a number of optional accessories, including wallets and pockets to keep sleeves to hand. The system was tailored for La Boite Concept’s ‘PR/01’ all-in-one speaker, but it has also been designed to house the company’s other debut product, the ‘Square’ series turntable.

A minimal, beautifully considered way to tap into the vinyl revival, the ‘Square’ is designed in house to minimise bass vibrations from any nearby speakers, with a combination of locally sourced leather and felt dampers, a plywood housing and finishes in oak or walnut. §